Once I arrive on the mountain, where do I go for my lessons and rentals?

The Snow School and Rental shop are located at the far end of the village in the building just below the  Mountain Shop and The Edge Bistro.

Rippin Rascals (Ages 3-5) Snow School and rentals is located across from the  Mountain Shop and next to the Day Lodge.

If you have reserved lessons, please confirm the lesson start time and plan to arrive at least 1 hour prior. This will ensure that you and/or your kids will be ready for the start of your lesson(s). Arriving early will allow you to prepare for your lesson(s)

If your whole family will be taking lessons, please proceed first to Rippin Rascals, where the youngest members of your family can check in and get organized. Once they are registered, our staff will ensure that they are ready for their day on the slopes. Then the remainder of the family can proceed down to the Snow School desk to check in for your lessons/rentals.

What clothing should I wear?

It is important to remember, this is a winter sport. Dress in layers. We suggest a base layer of a moisture-wicking material. COTTON IS THE WORST. Do not layer socks for warmth, instead, invest in a good pair of THIN wool socks. A warm, water resistant or repellent layer is best for your outer layers. Jeans or sweats and hoodies DO NOT make for a fun day in the snow. Woolen gloves or mitts will get wet fast and your day will be short. Again, find a water resistant or repellant outer shell with a woolen liner. Keep your head warm, a toque (wool hat for all you out of country visitors) is best. Helmets are highly reccommended.

Eye protection is important. Goggles are best for wintry conditions, but sunglasses will do on warm spring days.

Don’t forget the sun screen! You can and will burn just as easily on the ski hill as you would on the beach. Remember to keep sun screen in your jacket. If you leave it in your car it will freeze.

We rent skis, boots, boards, and poles. We do not have winter clothing for rent. Clothing can be purchased, however, in the A3 Mountain Shop located conveniently above the rental shop. There you can also find accessories such as gloves, toques (hats), socks, and goggles.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the resort directly at 1-877-777-2739, or email