Improve Your Skills & Gain Confidence

At the Apex Resort Snow School, guests are taught to ski safely, responsibly, and with style. Our friendly, certified instructors will show you how to build confidence and skill on the slopes.

The Apex Snow School offers lessons for all ages including the youngest members of the family with the Rippin’ Rascals program, to the weekly Ladies and Men’s Days. Our friendly, professional staff are ready to show you how to excel on the varied Apex terrain.

Meet or Register at the Apex Snow School, located downstairs in the Apex Mountain Shop and The Edge Bistro.

Child-Minding is also available with the Rippin’ Rascals at Apex Resort program for children, aged 18 months to 5 years. Young ones will be entertained with a mixture of indoor play and outside activities as weather permits.

What Is Your Ability?

To understand the best fit for your skill level, please review the Lessons Ability Chart below and select the level that best describes your skill level.


I have skied on snowboarded once or twice. I am still learning how to control my speed and stop. I am still learning to turn. I am not comfortable or familiar with riding a chair lift.



I am able to control my speed, link together basic turns, and stop on a groomed, green run. I am familiar and comfortable with riding on a chairlift.



I am able to link together turns comfortably on a groomed, blue run. I am beginning to ski faster on easy terrain. I am ready to explore ungroomed green and blue terrain.


I am able to link together turns comfortably on a groomed black run. I am beginning to carve my skis or board on easier terrain. I am ready to explore ungroomed blue and black terrain.

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